UMStudios Programs

To Compliment our Web Hosting Packages, you can participate in one of our programs to help drive traffic to your site.


The FREE Banner Exchange:

The Free Banner Exchange is designed for clients of umstudios to freely add their own banner to a random selection rotation, where their banner will be shown on other client sites. In order to be eligable for this program, you must be a client of umstudios in one way or another, you must have a web site on-line, and you must have or develop a banner. The final requirement is that any site advertising thru the free banner exchange must also host a banner on their own site. Although it is doubtful that anyone would want to do this you are also freely welcome to display the banner on your site/page even if you are not participating in the exchange with your own banner.


Marketing Banner Exchange:

The other type of exchange is the Marketing banner exchange. This program is still in development and is far more similar to standard banner programs where you pay for so many banner click thrus (when someone clicks on your banner to visit your site) and your banner is displayed in a rotation untill those clicks are used up. Adversely, if you are a publisher (someone hosting a banner) and someone is clicking on banners from YOUR site, then you may be earning cash.



To participate in the program, you must submit a banner to our ad department, the simplest way is to e-mail us your banner, the URL you wish it to link to, and any other information you might feel is relevant, also include verification that you are in fact a client of UMStudios. Finally you must place our banner code on your site. You may wait untill we approve your banner to do so if you wish, however your banner will not be placed in rotation until the code is on your site. Submissions should be sent to, be sure to attach your banner. (we are not currently allowing remotely hosted images for banners).


Example Live Banner in Free Banner Exchange


Technical Details & Specifications:

Banner Details:
- Width: 468 Pixels
- Height: 60 Pixels
- Formats supported: jpg, gif, png, bmp, psd (photoshop), animated gifs are supported.

For any more information please feel free to contact us using the contact us option at the top of this page.