Reseller Accounts

Would you like to be the Go-To guy for web presence in your area, perhaps you have a few friends wanting web-space and figure you can go in together for a better price. Or even if you simply want to start your own web hosting buisiness. Whatever your reasons we offer reseller accounts to anyone.


What packages are available?

All packages can be made into a reseller account simply by adding
$1 per month for reseller services. However we do not reccomend
this on smaller packages, unless you are looking at this as a hobby.


How do I upgrade my account to a Reseller Account?

Just ask your sales/service rep for this to be activated. You will be given your own WHM (Web Host Manager) Login account. With this you can create and manage your own client accounts within the space you are given for your own plan.


Can I Over Sell?

Overselling is the act of selling more space then you actually have. For example if you subscribed to a 20Mb account, and were trying to sell for example 3 x 10Mb accounts to users knowing they probably won't use more then 50% of their space, you would be in effect overselling your space. At this time, we do not support over selling by default, However this feature can be made available to larger resellers (plans larger then the Gold plan) We ourselves do not oversell any of our plans, so your space is guaronteed. We strongly reccomend you extend this same guarontee to your own customers.